No Menu, When Burned



Hello, I have the data of the DVD in my hard drive and was ripped. The problem is that, when i burn it. It has no menu, only goes straight to the video. Also when i press menu on my remote, it just plays from the very beginning. So what should i do to get the MENU on the DVD to work?

File Screenshots:
The Folder Containing The Files -

Nothing Inside the AUDIO_TS

Items in VIDEO_TS - When i click it it shows the MENU

Picture Of The Menu -


Sounds like you didn’t tick “preserve menues”.


Yes. Sounds that way to me also. I’ve never not had the menus show up if preserve menus was checked even with movie only and i added menus for audio preferences.


where can that be found? and How?


Sorry the sloppy drawing


Im so confused since, i re did it and the same thing happened. Now i have 2 disc’s with no menu. i need help.

Here is were im at.

Which one do i click on?

After i clicked on number 1, i select files, which one do i pick? 1 or 2? The folder with everything in it, or just Video_ts?


reminder: the dvd is already saved on my pc.


If you look at rolling56 you’ll see what needs to be ticked. If you don’t then I suggest that you download from .


Button 1 or 2 will show it. Button 1 will have it unchecked and button 2 it will already be checked. I cannot make it any clearer sorry.


So which one do i pick. 1 or 2?

SO is this right, what im doing?

just click next and Burn?


If you choose 1 then you must tick the preserve menues on the top right of the program where and when you see the titlesets if you choose 2 then I will only say that rolling56 said it does that automatically. I have no ideal on #2.


Either but if you want menus you will have to check preserve menus if using button 1.
I sometimes want to keep menus so i can switch the audio if i want to but just have the movie only on the disc (button 1).
I have DTS receiver so i might want AC-3/6 and DTS for a certain movie.


So is the top post above your, correct or am i doing it wrong.?


Yes that will copy the whole disc with menus.


Im burning right now, ill tell you if it works! when finished!


As long as it had menus to begin with they should be on the copy.


Well… Taps foot :rolleyes: :bigsmile:


No doubt. :smiley:


Worked great, and awsome. I tried with DVDFab and the checked the preserve menues, but it didnt work. Now, i like CloneDVD better. Thanks Agian!


Thanks for letting us know how it turned out :clap:


Worked like a charm, it preforms better than DVDFab.