No Medium Inserted

Hello, I am a Newbee. Big time Newbee.
I am having a problem with the anyDVD. I can record the DVD but when I try to copy onto the Blank DVD I get No Medium inserted and the Blank will pop out. What do I need to do?

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What burner do you have? What firmware? What media are you using?

You can find all these informations with cd-dvd speed.

Have you tryied to close anydvd to see if this solve?

if you mean the pop up box turns blank when you insert a blank dvd -/+r media? that is normal. just start the program that you burn with and it should start burning. anydvd does not burn it just takes the copy protection off. and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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But, I fell like a dummie here. I am using the Roxio Creator 6. After I copy the DVD into the program and then it tells me to put in a Blank. I put in a Blank DVD-R into the Drive and click Continue Recording then it tells me that there is no medium inserted. Then the Disk Drive opens. Like it does when you change DVD’s.

I can get it to work on some DVD’s that I am trying to do. But not on others.

I am using an 4.7GB DVD and some of the movies say 7.7 GB is this the problem? I went and bought an DVD+R DL 8.5 GB but I can’t get it to work.

shirley, please answer geno’s questions. we need this information in order to help you.

ok, I have download the Nero CD-DVD Speed. It says Slimtype DVDRW SOSW - 852S PES2. Now what do I do?

insert the blank media then click on the “disc info” tab and tell us what the media code (media ID) is of the blank discs that you’re using.

Mid: Ritekg05

G05s are not very highly regarded media… it’s possible that a firmware update will allow you to burn this media well (I’m not familiar with Lite On drives so I don’t know what your latest firmware should be)

another alternative would be to try better quality media like taiyo yuden or Verbatim branded MCC media.

also, since we all know that anydvd doesn’t butn media, this isn’t much of an anydvd problem…what program ar you using to burn? and will other burning applications accept the media?

update your firmware you can find it at not really sure about it. if it’s for the lite-on or sony it’s a very long thread.
i went to and found this DVD-RW Drive SOSW-852S
NOTE: This is a system integrator product. Due to compatibility concerns, which may cause drive failure, we are not able to provide any firmware upgrade for this product. For technical support, kindly contact your vendor.

I would try copying the dvd this way:

  1. Go to and download Dvd Decrypter
  2. Copy the dvd to your HD, if you copy in .iso mode you can burn the dvd with Dvd Decrypter.
  3. If you want to compress the dvd, copy the dvd to your HD in ‘file’ mode and you can compress the dvd with Dvd shrink
    That’s probably the simplest way to copy a dvd. Leave Anydvd running in the background because it will deal with the protections that Dvd Decrypter can’t.

Using the DVD Decrypter, Can you please give me step by step on how to us this.

Click on this link. You’ll find an outstanding guide for dvdd, courtesy of Cynthia.

Thank you sooo much.

I dont guess that doing this is for me. I cant get it to work. But I wont to thank everyone for the help. I need something for dummies.

It’s also possible that your drive is damaged. Try to do a test of your burner.

Insert a blank media in the drive and run cd-dvd speed. Then select the “create disc” tab, and press the button start.

In this way the burner do a writing test filling the disc with casual data (yes, a disc loss, but necessary to do a test of your burner).

After test finish, press the little floppy button in the high right corner, and save the pic as PNG. Then post the pic here. In this way we can see what happen during the burn.

Lets see how I did!!! :confused:

This burn seems ok. Is the disc readable?