"No Media" when copying is done



I just downloaded the DVDFab Platinum trial and really love it. I only have one problem that I hope someone can help me with. Every now and then, when the copying process is complete and I insert a blank DVD it still tells me no media is found. After inserting 2 or 3 blank DVD’s it will finally recognize one. Is this a software problem or am I doing something wrong? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


some times when you insert a disc you will get that message if you click OK before the disc is recognized, try to wait a little longer before clicking OK


Well the first question would be is what kind of media are you using? Cheap media will always give you fits one way or another. Also, this may sound kinda silly but believe me it’s happened to me. Check and make sure the media it’s not recognizing doesn’t have something already on it. What with kids and all… enough nsaid right, LOL. Hope you end up getting either the Gold or Platinum and joining the club. But in the mean time welcome. ~ Mike


WOW, love the fast responses!!
My media is Maxell Imation DVD-RW. Is that the cheap kind?
I do think they are blank (even though yes, I have put some in that were not…hehehe.) When I insert these a window pops up (from Windows XP I believe) that asks what I want to do with the Blank DVD.
But I can try to simmer down a bit before I hit ok!


When the XP window pops up on me, which I always wait for, I always set it for do nothing and then click ok. After which, I then click ok on the Fab box asking me to insert blank media. It should then start writing to the disk. If I was you, I would try somthing different in the media department. Try either Verbatim or Ty Uden. But try the first thing I said first and see what happens. It should work. ~ Mike