No matter what disc is burned

Hi folks,
If I use different discs, and often at different speeds, and in different BURNERS to burn them no less, I always get a score of 95% when I scan them in my LiteOn.
Am I getting a accurate score, or is the drive jsut giving me what I want to see?
Bare in mind the different variables I mentioned above.

If you’re using quality media then the above scan is typical of what should be achieved.

I see no reason to think that the Liteon was giving anything other than an accurate scan.

A TRT (transfer rate test) with a nice smooth curve would help to confirm the scan. And maybe you could up the scan speed to 8x or even 12x. 8X is commonly used for the later Liteon burners.

Im confused now, because I’ve psoted replies or theads asking that very same question; “what speed to scan at” with this LiteOn drive, and was told 4x is the usual, or “accepted” speed.

Up to the 5 series burners 4x was definitely the recommended speed. Since then 8x has become a common scanning speed, matching the Benqs.

When I got my Liteon 1635S there was a lot of firmware development being done here and I’m sure that we all scanned at 8x either in Liteons or Benqs.

There’s suggestion that higher scanning speeds might test the media more than lower speeds.

I don’t think that a scan in itself tells the whole picture which is why a TRT is often very useful.

I’m really only quoting others with more knowledge/experience than myself like [B]DrageMester[/B] and [B]C0deking[/B].

Ok, thanks very much.

Plus the latest version of CD-DVD Speed will give you a jitter reading with your Litey…even at higher scan speeds. :slight_smile:

Yeah its on there in the photo above.

…but I wouldn’t rely on jitter reporting for 5S and 6S drives for scanning speeds faster than 4x. :disagree:

like these…

I see a lot of complaints about bad scans on this forum, but very few about excessively good scans :slight_smile: Be happy, your scan and TRT look very good. I get similar results with my LH-18 and good quality media like TYG02.

I knew you’d say that :smiley:

[OT]Yeah, I’ve observed the same since DVDScan came out for testing with Liteons. 1x, 2x, and 4x were very similar, but 8x goes wild. It seems even worse using CD-DVD Speed, where it’s just an odd wave shape. Maybe we should request that Erik implement 4x as the speed to measure jitter with the 5/6s drives in conjunction with 8x+ error scans. From what tests I’ve seen, it seems as though the newest Liteons do fine above 4x with jitter reporting, but that’s only from looking at a handful of scans from other users. [OT]