No Luck Backing Up Tiger Woods 2003

I’ve been trying to back-up my copy of tiger woods pga tour 2003 for a few days with no success apart from a load of coasters i use clonyxxl and clone cd v4.3.2.2 i use the profile for safedisc aws from the forum but after copying and try to install i get crc errors @13% everytime

My Burner is an Artec WRR-52z Not Sure If this Is Any Good? I’d appreciate youre views on this!!

I Use Verbatim Crystal 48x media

I have backed up games before ie championship manager 4 & 03/04, enter the matrix etc

Its just tiger woods 2003 Seems to be a tough nut to crack

I Need Youre Expert Advice before I Drown In A Sea Of Coasters!!

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Hi no1 forest fan,

I got the same problem using Verbatim Crystal 48x media. I tried to install a game copied on Crystals and also got crc errors around 10% (can’t remember excactly).
While I was burning I noticed that my drive suddenly slowed down . This happened at the first quarter of the burning process. When the disc finished I looked at it and you were able to see two different “areas”. Before slowing down and after. I solved this problem by writting my discs at 4x, after this got no problems. This also happened with BlindWrite, Alcohol, Nero, DiscJuggler… tested it with all burning programms I got. So last but not least I think it must be the Verbatim Crystal 48x media. I bought them once got this problem, never bought them again got no problems. Hope that helps you if not perhaps someone else may help you :slight_smile:

I looked for your burner found this at alcohol page:

WRR-52Z-can almost correctly encode EFM ( Bypass EFM Errors may need to be used depending on Safedisc Version

I think it’s not bad and not a real good burner :sad: so it’s in the middle:) but I’m not an expert in this case others know much much more about this!
Can’t realy help you with clonecd and Safedisc I’m using it very less. Prefer BlindWrite and Alcohol for Safedisc Protection. I made a working backup of tiger woods pga tour 2003 with my liteon and BlindWrite 4.5.7 you still get at VSO homepage.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 Safedisc 2.80.010 this may be a job for a new burner as was stated before this burner almost writes the correct efm encoding try alcohol or blindwrite as also was stated…:cop:

Sorry, I dont quite understand what you mean are you saying my burner can copy it or do i need a new or better burner. here is an explanation all in all I say your drive would be a miss after 2.51 safedisc version even with amplify settings but try ity anyway you may have an angel near you.:cop:

now I got what you mean with :cop: k9cop.
didn’t read it’s a copy :confused:
sorry about that:)

He probably meant his original of Tiger Woods. If I was new to the forum, I would naturally say ‘my copy of’ if it was the original or not, just as I would say ‘my copy of the newspaper’, or ‘my copy of the book’, not meaning that i went out and stole a news paper or borrowed a book from the library and copied it.

Just a thought.

hey kid,

perhaps you’re right or k9, finally I think we helped him:)

Hi All

Thanks for youre replies, and yes it is my original i want to back it up for my son to play in his room as he is constantly ruining my discs lol, i’ve tried alcohol and ClonyXXL/Clone cd but still the crc errors on installing. I have just ordred a LiteOn DVD/RW LDW451S. I hope this is an improvement to the drive i have as i have heard good things about the LiteOn Drives. I hope this drive will be able to do it. Youre Views?

And Yep Im new On the Forum And Appologise for Not Explaining To Good

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hey forest,

don’t know much about DVDRW drives can’t really help you.
But I read they are not as good as CDRW drives for backing up copy protected games etc. on CD of course. For example my Pioneer is very bad for this it can’t even “fast skip reading erros”, but it’s old.
I think the new models are much better. Someone else may help you in this case, maybe I’m wrong:)

Originally posted by k9cop here is an explanation all in all I say your drive would be a miss after 2.51 safedisc version even with amplify settings but try ity anyway you may have an angel near you.:cop:

Thanks future I couldn’t locate that post:bow: :bow: :bow:…;threadid=58658