No low write speed

Hi.Its my first post.I didnt know exactly where to post it but since i have a Lite-on recorder then here it is.I cant record on speeds lower then 4x for DVDs and x for CDs.Programs like Nero dont even show lower speeds and programs that show and lower speeds can be selected still write with higher speeds.Something like:
//Selected speed::2x
//Actual speed::4x (for DVDs).
I have a Lite-on SOHW-812s with the newest bios.
Is it a burner problem,a hardware or software.Please help.
PS:Sorry my english suc

Welcome :wink:

The lowest burnspeed with “latest” firmware on your Litey´s are;

1x DVD-RW (-RW)

4x CD-RW

But not all media can be burned at that low speed:cool:

Still doesnt work. The media supports low write speed (2x,4x its a DVD) but if I select 2x (in DVD Decrypter) its still switches to 4x while burning.And programs like Nero or Alcohol120% dont even show the 2x. I already tried the Lite on tools like the Omnipatcher(dont remember exactly the name), Smart burn and so on, but still could fix it.Could it be the Windows fault?I`m using windows 2000.Still needs help or a least a hint.Please.
PS:My english still suc*s.