NO Longevity of Verbatim DVD+R DL MKM 003 (000)

Hi, thi is my sad experience, 6 years ago I bought two cake boxes (25 p) of Verbatim DVD+R DL, I’ve used them for making backup of my original dvd-movies. Yersterday I have noticed all these dvds seem to have small signs of deterioration, small stain on the dye layer. I’ve storaged every disc on slim cases, away from dust, humidity, sunlight…Unfortunately a while ago I resold many of my original dvd movies so I will loose everything cause of these bad Verbatim discs.

Did you use labels? Remove the labels and test again.

I have no experience with MKM 003, but I never had such issues with MKM 001, which should be similar in quality. Were the MKM 003 media made in Singapore?

We have always recommended single layer discs rather than double layer DVD’s. Even with high quality media. And we’ve always recommended more than one storage medium.

You should try extracting the information from the discs you have now and keep it on hard drives. There are several programs for copying poor quality discs, including ISOBuster.

Since you still own some of the original discs, I can help you with the copies you’ve made of them. But you have no legal right to copies where you’ve sold the original discs, so this topic is borderline for our forums.

You’re right, but I am not interested in recovering movies from defected discs, I prefer to re-buy the movies in dvd or BD, I still have a good collection (almost 800 original dvds and 500 music cds).I would know if someone else had this experience with Verbatim discs, renowned for its quality and reliability, the produder ensures longevity but…Luckily I’ve always used hard disks for my music editing projects (my job)

Do you know which country the discs were made in?

I cannot remember exactly what country was, but I know that in last three years I’ve used a lot of DVD+R DL “made in UAE” and they are still OK, no signs or stains. I’ve noticed some difference outside:

Can you can post the hub serial code? It should be possible to identify who manufactured the discs from the format of this code. I am hoping the degrading discs were outsourced production made by CMC or Moser Baer. If they came from Verbatim’s own Singapore factory then… :sob:

It might also be worth checking the stamper serial number, just to rule out the possibility of counterfeit discs. It should start with a Z (ZD or ZE).

this is a Verbatim dvd+r dl burned 7 years ago (or almost) “no made in UAE”
ZE0420- DVR- X85I0

Is there a code in the clear plastic around the hole in the centre of the disc? Either heat-stamped into the plastic or printed in black ink?

ZE0420… etc. is the stamper code (and should rule out the discs being fakes - counterfeit stampers are extremely rare). The hub code is the one which can identify which manufacturer actually made the discs.