No longer leave positive feedback on ebay

I left positive feedback for the wrong person on eBay. Called eBay got a person in Asia who said they could remove it but after wasting a lot of my time they said they could not remove it. I then made many calls to eBay hanging up every time I got someone in the Asia until I got someone in the USA who said yes they could remove it. He then transferred me to someone in Asia who he said could remove it in a Min. Did not make the Min. took a lot longer but they did remove it. I now no longer give positive feedback only negative feedback for the people who should be negative feedback. For most of the ones I buy from and should get positive feedback I send them a email stating why I no longer give positive feedback. This is my way of protesting eBay sending my calls to Asia and there policy on positive feedback changes. If more did this then the sellers would be all over eBay to change
since the sellers use the positive to offset the negative.