No longer able to read from the same disk

My problem is I recorded a data dvd with all these images in Nero onto Ridata discs and I could read from them before in the same computer/drive/everything. Then I formated, went to Linux, realized Linux is very buggy and went back to Windows now I can no longer read from this bloody disk where as I could before.

Note none of these recovery programs work because the drive wont even acknowledge that there is a disk in it.

Also note that I have done a firmware update and even tried two different dvd drives to no success.

Here come the weird annoying part, I can read all of the images in my actual tv dvd player…WTF!!! I can view them all, there taunting me…its like computers are too advanced to read the drive, like some sort of parity check bull$%$# is getting in the way, where as the tv dvd just reads regardless…please help!!!

Are these Ridata discs by any chance 4x or 8x DVD-R?
If yes, they are either RITEK G04 or RITEK G05, and known to degrade fast. In this case, you should get a drive with good reading capatibilities (LITE-ON burners are good) and make a backup of the discs as soon as possible.

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