No longer able to burn Shrink & DVDD Logical Block Errors

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I am using Nero 6.x (latest patch on NERO website. Just updated three days ago), latest version of DVDD, and DVD shrink. When I use DVDD, I then use DVD Shrink to burn the DVD (Nero in the background). I then receive a write error. Using DVDD and an ISO image, I get the error below. I went to Nero, searched the FAQ, and dowloaded the driver clean up and reg check tool. I ran those, and still get the errors. I even changed my speed from MAX to 2x and increased the MB Buffer in DVDD from 20 up to 256 MB (20 MB intervals) and I still get the same error. One peculiar item to note. The fails ALWAYS occur post 70% completion. PLEASE HELP!!! :slight_smile:

Message from DVDD regarding the error.

I/O Error!

Device:[0:0:0]DVDRW USB 16x A079 (E (USB)

ScsiStatus: 0x02
Interpretation: Check Condition

CDB: 2A 00 00 1A 23 A0 00 00 20 00
Interpretation: Write(10) - Sectors: 2003056 - 2013087

Sense Area: 70 00 05 00 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00 00 21 00 00 00 00 00
Interpreation: Logical Block Address out of range

PS: reposting my own message here whereas I am a newbie. Thanks for your understanding!!! :slight_smile:

things to try. update chipset motherboard drivers. use another usb port. update burner firmware. try different brand of dvd disc

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Thanks for the advice. You are not going to beleive this. Before my g/f and I went to the beach, she brought here husband’s burner over. It worked. She took mine and it did not. 40 days old, and then %#&*(#&$ the thing went south. ARGH!!! Thank you very much for the quick reply. :slight_smile:


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