No Line-In Input Using Nero Soundtrax / Wave Editor

Help! I am trying to transfer my old LPs to my PC. I have the turntable and pre-amp set up ok, I am getting good quality sound to my PC speakers via the line-in port (I also get decent sound when I hookup through the microphone port also).

My problem is that I am trying to use Nero Soundtrax to record the input, but Soundtrax is not getting the input off of the line input. I have also tried Nero Wave Editor but no go. Nothing shows up on the displays when I select “line” as the input device (nothing when I try and use the microphone input either) even though it is playing fine through the speakers.

The Windows Wave recorder WILL capture the input from the microphone.

It appears to me that the resident drivers for my onboard sound card are good (ASUS A7n8X - E) however I am wondering if perhaps I have missed a required driver or file when I installed Nero 7 Ultra. I have reinstalled the latest version without any problems.

Does anybody know I can’t get Soundtrax to see the Line-In inputs?


Try Audacity… if you still have trouble, get a Griffin iMic (USB sound in/out)… It goes for about 40 bucks.

Another thought… for the internal soundcard, you don’t have the line-in muted do you? You probably want to check the master volume on the PC.

Hey SithTracy,

I have a quick question. Will the Griffin imic2 record stereo sound when the “line in” mode is selected, or will it only record in mono?

Thank you!

Yes, it will record stereo sound. It accepts a stereo mic as well. I picked up one at for $30.00 U.S. Excellent and inexpensive device.

Awesome! That was exactly what I was wanting to hear! Thanks for the quick response!

I found that Nero was useless for what you are trying to do. So I purchased a copy of Roxio 8 this has a special section for inputting and cleaning Lp’s. I have now completely recorded my LP collection onto cd about 2300 LP’s. The best way to do it cost a few pound but was worth it. I purchased a Sony MD player with a digital output. and a Creative 5.1 sound card with an external digital patch bay. Then I put each LP onto Mini Disc complete with 4 second Gaps betwwen the tracks. When I was satisfied with the MD I then record them to hard disc using Roxio and clean up any hiss rumble or clicks. When I am satisfied with the end result I then burn a Cd disc using Roxio.

SithTracy’s suggestions are good - plus Audacity is a free download :slight_smile:

I use Audacity, and on another system have a USB device and use LP Recorder / Ripper for this - both methods work well.