No layer Break for BD-R DL?


After burning some BD-R DL disc,
I notice the graph from Quality Scan that goes from bottom left to top, then from top to bottom right, is not equal in length.
I concluded the data/video was not split equally btw the 2 layers, and its using OTP.

After some google, i found there’s no Layer Break concept for BD-R.
Is there anything i should be aware of before i continue to burn more as these media cost quite a bit. :smiley:

For layer-0 & layer-1,
Which one is nearer to the recording surface ?
Which layer is burned first ?


Layer 0 is closer to the top of the disk. Layer 1 is closer to the bottom, where the laser enters to read or burn information.

But burning DL Blu ray is not exactly like burning DL dvds, or at least, doesn’t have to be. Looking at a couple of white papers on blu ray structure that are available on the net, I found these two quotes from the Blu ray Disc Association:

Here is a link to one of those papers:
Warning…big pdf file.

The main point in my screenshots that I wanted you to see was the “random access recording” mode. Can’t say that I have heard of this before tonight though. Reading white papers on BD structure isn’t one of my pastimes. :slight_smile:

Don’t know what you are using for burning BD disks, but I assume it is using the sequential recording mode instead? If the sequential mode is similar to that used to burn DL dvds, then layer 0 is burned first. Maybe LUK will find this thread and lend some light on the subject.

Thanks Kerry,

Comparing my burned BD-R DL vs the original disc (DL),

The graph for the original disc have equal up-slope and down-slope,
Whereas the one i burned, the up-slope is around 23GB, and down-slope is around 12GB.

So am i right to say there is no option to decide how we want the data/video to be burned for Layer-0 & Layer-1 ?

I am thinking that if we can have the burned distributed equally,
then we dont have to utilise the outer edge of the disc,
which tends to be more problematic.
Of course, this assume you have less than 50GB of data.

So am i right to say there is no option to decide how we want the data/video to be burned for Layer-0 & Layer-1 ?

If you are using ImgBurn for your DL BD-R burns and you don’t get the option to set the break point, I’d have to assume you are correct. One of the best parts about ImgBurn when burning DL dvds is the ability to set layer break points, so I would think LUK would include it if possible on the BD-R burns. But you would be much better off speaking to him directly, either here in our Imgburn subforum or in his forum at

I haven’t tried any DL BD-R media personally, so I have no experience in this subject. The disks are too expensive, and I have no need of them anyway.

Hi Kerry,

If you are referring to Lightning UK,
Yes, he did mention that for BD-R DL.
(from my googling)

The Layer Break concept does not exist,
as the disc is treated as a giant single layer disc.

In that aspect,
i can only conclude optimization of Layer Break is only available for pressed disc (for BD DL).

Nonetheless, thanks for your inputs.