No Labelflash with Nero and Optiarc 7173S


i have a Samsung 183L and a NEC 7173S Burner installed in my system. The newest Nero version is installed but I can only use lightscribe of the Samsung 183L drive. When I change the burner selection to the NEC drive the lightsribe button is greyed out but there is no labelflash button.
Also when I start the Nero Cover Editor the first option to choose is lightscribe but there is no option for labelflash or Disc@2.
When I check the drive specs with Nero Info Tool it shows that the NEC 7173S is labelflash capable.
So what is the problem. Is it not possible to use a lightscribe and a labelflash drive in one system or do I have to install a special driver for labelflash as I did for lightscribe?

Thx, Dino Dini

I believe although i can’t confirm, that the problem is with the fact that the 7173S is SATA. I would contact Nero support and see if there is a solution yet.

The NEC can use Labelflash, of course.
But you need a approproiate Nero version to be able to use it. [B]That is the key.[/B]

But I am using the newest version of the Nero Software and a lls.dll file is in the nero core folder. So do I have to use an older version?

I bought the drive without any install discs so I don’t have a bundled nero oem version for my drive. Is there any kind of solution for my problem?

Thx, Dino Dini

What is displayed in the Nero info screen?
Which Nero version and build?

in bios, disable “extended ide drive” or something like that for the drive. then it should work

In bios I have enabled the ahci function for my sata devices. I cant turn it off no more cause windows xp insnt booting if I do so. I can only enable it for all drives (hdd & DVDRW) so I have to let it set to ahci support. I use an ASUS P5B-E Board and the Nero version is the latest version offered for download on the page (
Is labelflash only support if I turn of the AHCI function. Is there really no other solution for my problem?

Pls help, Dino Dini

SATA optical drives won’t work in AHCI mode.
Uninstall the SATA controller in device manager (XP). Reboot then change the setting in your BIOS to normal IDE mode before allowing XP to boot. Save the new BIOS settings and allow XP to boot. XP should see the new device and install the drivers for you, or you may be prompted to insert a driver CD.


I dont think that changing from AHCI mode will help. My 7173S works great at the SATA controller in AHCI Mode. I have no problems with Labelflash.

Maybe is it because of the 2 burners in your system (Samsung -> Lightscribe and NEC -> Labelflash).

Disconnect the Samsung drive and try again

Maybe is it because of the 2 burners in your system (Samsung -> Lightscribe and NEC -> Labelflash).

This will not affect things, maybe the poster can confirm like chef posted, if he has nero premium and an appropriate serial

It’s not possible to simultaneously have Lightscribe and Labelflash versions of Nero running. Nero disallows this (which is stupid).