No jitter scan with OptiDrive Control with CDs

I’ve scaned the complete OptiDrive Control thread and others but couldn’t find my problem. I’ve already put my question into this thread but got no reply yet. :frowning:
That’s why I’ll try it now with a new thread.
I’ve 2 drives, a Plextor PX-760A and a LiteOn iHAP-322.
With both drives I can get all test curves with the test tools OptiDrive Control 1.44 or Nero CD/DVD-Speed with DVDs, even the jitter curve (with the Plextor only by the trick told by Eric in the a.m. thread).:smiley:
But with both drives and OptiDrive Control I don’t get any jitter curve with CDs, also not with reduced speed. I’ve tried everything. Also with CD-DVD Speed it’s the same, there in the advanced options menu the jitter box for CDs cannot be checked (for DVDs it can).
What am I doing wrong?:confused:
I think this should be possible also with CDs, I’ve seen such curves made with a Benq DW1655 in another thread (though with Nero CD/DVD-Speed).
Is this a limitation of the drives or of the tools?
Note that jitter with CDs is important for me, just to receive absolute datas in contrast to the Plextools where you only get unscaled jitter-curves.
I’d appriciate any tip to get such (absolute) jitter datas with CDs.

Are you sure Jitter reporting is supported on those drives? I don’t have exact info for Opti Control about these and am not up-to-date if others have gotten them working.

Jitter control does work on my BenQ, but not on my LiteOn or Plextor drives (the last time I checked).

Hi, Halcyon,

In the OptiDrive-thread I’ve got the following answer from DrageMester that may explain some issues:

“The LiteOn iHAP322 doesn’t support scanning jitter on CD media, nor does it report all C1 errors (only E31 instead of E11+E21+E31).
I’m not sure about getting the Plextor PX-760 to work with the current Opti Drive Control; it’s been a while since I tried that combination and it didn’t work for me. I didn’t try the “trick” but I wouldn’t be interested in using the tool if that’s the only way to get it to work.
If you can find a BenQ DW1655/1650/1640/1620 somewhere, then that is the consumer drive, which can scan for the most information on CD media, including jitter on CDs.”

You see that the LiteOn drives should supply this OptiDrive jitter reporting with DVDs, at least my model does (and many others, there are separate threads for this). And the Plextor drives 755/760 will do so too, after you’ve started the Plextools Pi/Po scan and kill it with taskmanager, then drives are in “unprotected” mode and will work with OptiDrive too.
But this jitter-scan works only with DVDs, not with CDs! For this I’ve bought a BenQ 1620 now and will se if this works.