No jitter reading with my 1655?

What am I doing wrong? Out of three scans, two had no reading at all and one had a maximum jitter reading, but 0% average. I’m using Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.11.

You’ll need to be a little more specific.
Save the scans as .png files with CD-DVD Speed,
then post them here.

I already did. They’re in the last page or two of the SL scan thread. It won’t let me repost them here.

@Zombie Geek. Here is the linky to your scan. Not sure why your drive is not reporting Jitter. Do you have any other BenQ’s that report Jitter with CD-DVD Speed that you can test with, or can you try the drive in another computer to see if it reports Jitter?

try with cdspeed 4.10, It may be something wrong with 4.11 (which is not even on Eriks site so maybe thats a beta?)

cdspeed 4.11 is standard issue with the newer nero versions. don’t remember if its on the last version, but uses 4.11.

I’ve tried 4.10 and 4.11, but get the same results. This drive is brand new and I’ve only burned 2 DVDs (scores of 97 and 99). I have no other BenQ drives or computers to work with. Everything installed and runs fine, except for the jitter issue. Are there any settings I should or shouldn’t be using that would cause this to happen?

Good question and I really have no idea. I would try going to Nero and download Nero general clean tool and run the app then go to your Program files and delete the Ahead folder, then Common files to see if there are any Nero Apps if so delete them next go to Windows start> Run> type in regedit> go to HKey_ Local Machine> software> then find and delete the Ahead folder, restart your PC and reinstall Nero, Make sure you have your serial number available for reinstall. Hopefully this will work but may be all for not.:wink:

I removed everything and cleaned out the registry before I installed the version of Nero that came with my drive. Then I updated it and that’s what I’ve been using. I wish someone knew what was going on so I know if I need to return the drive for a replacement.

Did you uninstall everything as I stated above or did you use a registry cleaner? Yes it sucks not knowing whats going on but if you exchange the drive you could end up having the exact same issue with the new drive! Catch 22!!

I uninstalled everything and went through the registry manually. I downloaded CD-DVD Speed seperately and ran both versions, but they both did the same thing.

I e-mailed BenQ support and they said to uninstall everything Nero and remove the driver. I uninstalled everything, including the driver and let Windows reinstall it. I cleaned out everything from the registry. I fired up CD-DVD Speed and it’s still doing the same thing.

Do you have any other computers to try it on? else I would rma the drive.

are you burning with imgburn or dvd decrypter? i burned a sl and got a good scan

No other computers.

The only thing I burned with was the version of Nero (I updated it) that came with the drive.

I called BenQ tech support and the person had no idea what was going on at all. He said to call Nero. This is really starting to make me angry. Now I can’t change the Book Type settings in CD-DVD Speed or QSuite 2.1.

Edit: I kept trying to set the Book Type and it still didn’t change. Then I went into CD-DVD Speed just for the heck of it and the jitter was working! So I restarted the computer, but now it’s back to not working. So is the Book Type setting causing this or did jitter just happen to kick in randomly?

Edit2: I think I’m just going to RMA this thing. BenQ e-mail said they don’t know what the problem is and to call them, but I’ve already done that and the person I talked to had no idea, so I’m just going to RMA the drive because nothing I’ve tried has worked the way it should. I can’t set the Book Type and I didn’t get a real jitter reading except for once, so something is wrong.