No input sound in Nero Soundtrax

Hi all,
dumb question time,
I have been trying to transfer cassette to CD in Nero Soundtrax.
On the initial recording screen the level meters are not registering any input even though i have selected the correct input (mic) source. My PC uses onboard AC97 sound and all other software seems happy with this. Do i need to alter settings on my PC to allow this software to recognise my audio inputs or should it detect the defaults. Perhaps I need a separate sound card?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
XP2400+, 2 x 120GB, 512DDR, TV@anywhere, AGP prophet 64MB, onboard AC97 sound, MSI motherboard, Win98SE.

maybe dumb answer, but have u paid for nero.

I said that cuz on my movie compilation with Nero , it refuses the 5:1 sound unless I sign and pay for a nero version.

Hi John,
yes, properly purchased copy of Nero6.3 recently updated with a download from the Nero site. This is the first time I have used the convert cassette to CD function and have had no problems with all other Nero programs.