No Indictment Against Palin Hacker

A grand jury ended its session this morning without indicting University of Tennessee student David Kernell, who is suspected of hacking Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s private e-mail account, an area newspaper is reporting.

The Chattanooga Free Press doesn’t offer a lot of details other than to say that Kernell’s three roommates appeared before the grand jury this morning and that the session ended without an indictment. The grand jury will likely meet again to hear more evidence in the investigation.

Kernell, 20, has been meeting with a lawyer in Knoxville, Tennessee. Attorney Wade V. Davies released the following statement to the media on Monday:

“I have been asked by the Kernell family to represent their son, David. This is a difficult time for David and his family. The Kernell family wants to do the right thing, and they want what is best for their son. We are confident that the truth will emerge as we go through the process. David is a decent and intelligent young man, and I look forward to assisting him during this difficult period.”

Rest of the article published over at Wired.

It looks like someone is in trouble… :cop:

That’s to bad.It seems that would be a clear violation
of someones privacy no matter who it is.

Don’t worry, the person will be indicted once they get more evidence…

He should be she deserves the same privacy anyone else has.