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I am making home movies using pictures and audio in a slideshow format on my computer using windows movie maker. it sucessfully burns to a disk, but i cannot play it on my dvd player. all i get is a mp3 menu. any help would be appreciated. thanks. H.J.


you need to convert the .wmv file to dvd vobs and then burn to disk or convert to mpeg and then vcd, nero vision express wil do this, hope this helps, ben :slight_smile:


lol, sorry, i’m a newbie with the whole do i convert the files to vobs(and what are vobs)? thanks for replying so fast. H.J.


well we where all newbies once, me 5 days ago,
ok, dvd players can only read dvd video, windows movie maker doesnt make dvd video, it makes windows video (.wmv) to get you dvd player to play your video you need to convert it into a format that your dvd player understands. (.vob and .ifo files) to do this i suggest you download nero 6, ( and then use nerovision express. then select “make dvd” drag and drop the videos files you want, then click next, then make a menu for you dvd using the menu maker (this is very simple and easy), then click next and preview your movie with the on screen virtual dvd remote, if it looks ok then click next, select the burner you want, click “burn” and then leave it to convert and then burn the dvd. if you have any more questions email or post me, good luck, ben :),

ps do you prefer me to contact you by email or on the forum, forum is better as anybody can read it and so other newbies can learn to :slight_smile: