No image on DVD player

I’ve been reading the forum and applying the tactics suggested but still can’t solve my problem! So, I’d really appreciately some guidance. I have been making home movies (from photos & video clips) using ROXIO EASY CREATOR 7. I used to burn them on VCDs but now that I have a brand new SONY DRX-720UL, I decided to make DVDs instead! Somehow, my DVDs don’t play on my regular DVD player, which is a PHILIPS DVP320/69 (it plays every other DVD movie I stick in!). And when I play the DVD on my laptop, its really ‘retarded’, both audio & visual!

I thought I’ve got the most user-friendly gadgets, and when I use it, it appears to be! Besides using better quality DVDs (which I’ve tried!) what else could be the cause of this? Thanks in advance for anyone offering advice!

What for quality media you used?
Do you try bitsetting, changing booktype if it’s dvd+r media to dvd-rom?
As I know is your drive Lite-On manufactured, so normally it would works
with booktype settings. Maybe it helps.

How do I do the “bitsetting” thingy? I don’t understand “lite-on” either! Sorry! Appreciate your patience!

With bitsetting you could change the booktype of dvd medias for +r, +rw, DL+r
to Dvd-rom for example. Dvd-rom is most compatible to dvd players, especially for
older stand alone players. With Lite-On this is a drives brand I mean your drive is
identical with a Lite-On burner. So to change the booktype you can use Nero choose
recorder option and you’ll see booktype settings bottom left corner set it to Dvd-Rom
before burning. Otherwise you could use this tool booktype135here

Thanks for your reply. I have checked out the “lite-on” site you provided, and I understand it now! Never knew it takes so much to burn a DVD! Anyway, you also mentioned that I can use NERO to set the booktype. Now, if my home videos are done/ saved using ROXIO EASY CREATOR 7, can I import it into Nero for burning? Because in Roxio, there are no such options (booktype setting). There’s one “Burn” button to click on and you go get your coffee while it ‘burns’! Don’t tell me I have to redo my video all over again on NERO software??? (well…ok…tell me!!!)

Sure you could burn your video with nero!
If you’ve created vob, bup and ifo files in your folder, import it to Nero burning rom
under option DVD-Video, and start to burn, meanwhile you can have your coffee!
Otherwise if it’s a mpeg file or other video files, just select create dvd-video in
Nero Vision Express and import it to them to get a dvd-video compatible folder
with vob, bup and ifo files and burn them. Remember don’t forget to set the booktype!