No idea

Sorry, like I say I have not done it yet but the software I have suggested is one of the most high tech out there and even if you can’t get that there is bound to be an an app out there, just search google.

Sorry buddy, but it look like you pressed new thread, not reply.

Or I don’t know what you are talking about.

Yeah and old habit there! I have now posted it where it belongs “Converting VHS to DVD”

Ha! You wanna try coming to England where the rain would greet you with open arms. LOL :slight_smile:

Itz kk, quite happy here in the Great Southern Land…:bigsmile:

I am turning Nocturnal it’s time for bed I feel ill! :frowning: then again that’s no wonder when I’ve been up for 41 hours is it! Look at the time here!

C ya - I think I’ll make a worthwhile latge 300MB download of something and go sleep ZZzzZzzzzz…snore…Hmmfff!

Damn almost fell asleep on the keyboard :slight_smile: