No idea where to go now with dvd-r

OK I used DVD shrink to encode files im guessing??? I have a folder with two subfolders in it called AUDIO_TS which is empty and VIDEO_TS which has .BUP files in it and other IFO files also. I have Nero burning software and IOMEGA software and an IOMEGA DVD writer but i have no idea how to burn the files to a standard DVD-R. Can anyone help me? The DVD im trying to burn is The Matrix if thats needed info. I really need alot of responses or someone who can contact me via email at or AIM at bigboy7267. Thanx.

you have to burn the disk with nero.

start a new compilation, DVD-Video
put the file from the video_ts folder in the video_ts from the compilation

there is also a very good guide from ChickenMan

I also use DVDshrink and have Nero installed.
I nominate my DVD writer as the target device (in DVDshrink), and it writes to that without having to do anything else.
It sounds as if you are nominating a folder on your Hard Drive as the target device.