No idea what burner to get now

My Nu DDW-164 seems to have died… I need a replacement.

I currently have a LG GCE-8400B which I use for DAE, so my new drive will not need to be proficient at that, though it would be a nice bonus. What I do need the drive to be proficient at is the backing up DVD videos and games (including reading). One important note is that the primary usage will be reading, not writing. At this point I’m totaly lost as to what to get, but my includes the Pioneer DVR-111, Lite On SHW-160P6S and the Samsung SH-S182D.

What do you think, which of these drives will meet my requirements best?

Any of those will be fine. Also the 1650 and 1655. I would shop price at this point and get two burners. I like the BQ with Pio as a pair but the new liteons are fine and many people have had good luck with the new LGs and Samsungs. In the states shop

The LiteOn you mentioned, or the BenQ 1650 would be my choices. :slight_smile: