No-HTML plug-in for Outlook available

I just posted the article No-HTML plug-in for Outlook available.

I, like many other users, use Windows and Outlook, myself using Windows 2000 and
Outlook 2002. Unfortunately for us, some people who need to do better things to
do with their time, write viruses…

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Or…just use a real e-mail program…EUDORA RULEZ :wink:

After many responses from viewers to me via email, yes I do try other products than MS garbage. I only use Outlook 2002 because I do not want a third party program on my computer considering I use email very rarely as I tend to use the phone or ICQ instead. All of my spam goes to my Hotmail (and then mass deleted) and my ISP email account (NOT TO BE SPAMMED) gets the occasional email from friends so I have no need for a third party program. This posting was more for people along these lines who rather not deal with third party software when they do not need to.