No HDMI on LG TV? (LG 42LB5D)



[qanda]This thread is about the LG 42LB5D. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]i hope i can get soem guidance…

Here are the facts. The LG TV (42LB5D) and my Comcast (Scientific Atlantic 4250HDC) cannot connect via the HDMI cable. I have tried all the oblivious (changes cables, played with all the menus on the cable box, switch between the three HDMI inputs, changed the labels on the inputs, swapped the entire cable box out and had Comcast come out) and I still cannot get the Cable Box and the TV to “talk”.

I have also tried re-setting the cable, running the co-axle and the HDMI together and still no dice. It just gives me the “No Signal” message. I am running a HDMI cable from the TV to my DVD player and getting great connection, but no luck with the Cable Box. I did get it to work once when I first got the set. The picture was perfect…then I mounted and re-ran the connections and got nothing. I thought the HDMI ports were blown, but with the DVD player now running I have abandoned that theory.

Someone had suggested a firmware up-date…but i can not find anywhere on LG site for that.

Any help you can offer would be great… Mike


This is the User Guide of your SA 4250HDC.

Maybe you can try the Setup Wizard on page 7 and on.