No HD, no CD-Rom after installing Mitsumi 4804!




I installed the Mitsumi 4804 in my Computer. (Athlon600, dont know if it matters) When i started the Computer it couldnt find any HD or CD-Drive on any IDE port. Can anybody help?
Don`t answer if you think that the drive could perhaps be wrong jumpered.
I checked it!

Greetz Jörg


Try to switch your burner to another connector. I know, it sounds strange but it worked fine for me. Had some problems myself with my Sony CRX-100 and a Zip-100 drive. Just swapped Sony to the secondary IDE and blasted off… If thats not sufficient to make it work, something in the BIOS should be wrong… Correct it, and try to flash a BIOS update. Good luck…


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I was just going to suggest the jumpers…then I saw that you had checked those…hmmmmmmm…

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