No hacks please!?

To whom it may concern:

Hey, look! We are all here to either learn a little, share a little, or just to relax. I have been to this site five or six times, and while at this site, have had several attacks on my machine! It gets annoying, and I’m sure that others are not happy when they have the same problem. If you want info, just ask, if you want a challenge, then go after the corporate sites, as they are much harder to access than the average Joe Citizen. I am just here to learn. So let’s all just be cool to one another.

           Thank you, Mark

I don’t see how “hacks” could have originated from our site. As only the crew of this board can see someones IP address I think it’s kinda impossible (none of the crewmember is known for hacking;)).

It could be, that your firewall software thinks certain signals to be hacking attempts, but in fact they aren’t. An example: UDP Port probes, often generated by ICQ are sometimes seen as an attempt… but they are not!

If you feel that you have been hacked by people from this site, please inform me with more details. You can do so through PM or email.

We do not partake in hacking or attacking users. As Dee-ehn said, only the mods and admins of this site can view your IP from where you visit this forum.

Your PC might be scanned randomly on IP range. People are generally not specifically attacking PCs of private persons, but scan a random IP range, in which your IP can be found as well.

Also, as Dee-ehn said, some things may trigger your firewall, but are not attacks. It all depends on how paranoid you set your firewall.

Last, in every email you send your IP address can also be found.

But again, please provide me with more information if you have proof that someone from CD Freaks is attacking your computer.

mlucky, if a program as ZoneAlarm reports such hacks: don’t deinstall it, it will kill your IP stack, then you have to reinstall windows.
Just ignore any messages, sent by completely useless programs which are made to give you a wrong feeling of security by intentionally reporting attacks which have never taken place.

if a program as ZoneAlarm reports such hacks: don’t deinstall it, it will kill your IP stack, then you have to reinstall windows.

:confused: Why wouldn’t you just reinstall the ip stack. :confused:

Can Windows indeed do this?

you cant reinstall your tcpip stack in xp.

Other programs also have a nack for removing the IP stack. There IS one trick to it , but if it fails , you’re forced to reinstall Windows XP.

I do appreciate the concern you all have shown. I was using Zone Alarm Pro, and apparently, it was a bit jumpy when it didn’t need to be. I reviewed the logs and felt sheepish. Only one of the alerts looked odd. I’m no genius with software, and my quick response was based on alerts, not the logs. I now run in silent mode, and let the walls do their jobs, and leave it at that.

By the way, I got someone with a little know how, to help me test Black Ice, and … it reeked. I might as well have laid out cookies and milk, for all that it did. It did separate me from my money rather nicely.

                 Sorry guys, false alarm