No Google Chrome Control Panel in search engine



I recently re-installed to factory. I am using Google Chrome for my search engine, for some reason there is no control panel in the google Search engine, Pain in the neck , especially if I open a program and want to make a desktop icon.Any ideas appreciated. T.I.A.


Let me clarify…

You’re using the Google Chrome web browser? (Chrome isn’t a search engine)

And you can’t access the menu in the upper-right (the three lines), select “More Tools”, then select “Create application shortcuts”? If you can’t, can you see the Menu button (the button with three lines) in the upper right at all?

If not, have you updated Chrome to its latest version?

Or… are you talking about something else entirely different?


Thanks, meant as a browser, but Google Search itself does not have a control panel(the 3 lines), as all of my other computers have.


Can you post a screenshot of what you see on the other computers, versus what you see on the computer you just repaired?


Thanks for the replies, finally have it working, had to re-install twice.