No go...creator 5 and audio



running on win me : Easy CD Creator 5 Plantinum (Take 2 and DirectCD are NOT installed). The problem is, whenever we try to burn any file (regardless of how big or small it is), it will say “Error Reported by Output Device” and simply ejects the CD. I’ve tried this with several different media, cdr and cdrw discs as well. The thing is, I did burn a data cd. But trying to rip audio, I get unspecified error. Anybody facing the same problem and has a solution to this?
kt7raid w/ via 4.31
acer 1208 cdrw
toshiba cdrom
thanks, mike


Now this has been said many many times, and it doesn’t really solve the problem you are having with ECDC you are using, but it perhaps will allow you to make copies of Audio CDs

Use Nero instead.

I know you are looking for a solution so you can use ECDC andperhaps someone else can help you with that, but I think the general consensus on this board is that ECDC is perhaps a user friendly program, but far from the best when it comes to stability and errors (the fact you stated you didn’t install DirectCD gives an indication you felt that one coming :wink: )

I would suggest other who reply to stick to the problem and try to help solve that, instead of everyone simply stating to use Nero, CDRWin or any other program but ECDC, think we all know that by now :wink:

Hope that someone has the solution to your problem with ECDC.
Good Luck


Taxman, ouch. Actually, on two PCs I use Nero. But on this particular PC, I’m trying to use EZ Creator 5 simply because it is a simple interface (it’s for the two younger kids).



Nero does have a wizard too.
With that wizard it too is very easy to create your won CDs
For that you have to check in the help menu the option ‘Use Nero Wizard’

You will see how easy it can be, even for Children (heck, even my sister can work with it :smiley: )


I’ve been using ECDC 3.5 until a few weeks ago. I’ve installed ECDC 5 platinum a few weeks ago and it’s been on my computer for about two days. I liked (not like many others - I know) the 3.5 version. But now I’ve installed Nero and haven’t had any problems with it. I agree, the learning curve is more difficult than with ECDC.
But as Da_Taxman says : just for copying cd’s there’s the wizzard and it’s just as simple to use as ECDC.

But now to the point : it may cost you another cd but as I recall, you have to double click on the error message and then you get more information on the error. The information can be logged and of course also published on the forum. Hope anyone can help you when you get a more extensive error message.