No Gmail and Drive apps for Windows 8

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Personally, I have no interest in Metro Apps, since that’s probably what they are talking about. If they are just talking about making the “old fashioned desktop” app Windows 8 friendly, that might be a concern. Of course, there’s always compatibility mode.

Or better yet, Thunderbird works just fine.

I also do not have any good experience with Windows 8 apps. The Skype is crappy, the PDF viewer does not read many files and etc…

I wonder how close Google is to delivering its own OS to the marketplace? With a carousel of UIs in the Linux world, Google Desktop appears to be some attempt to offer a standard ‘icing on the different cakes’ of UIs.

Maybe that’s as far as Google wants to go - “We just want to offer a standard Desktop veneer, not even a complete UI because that would mean App Developers would have to follow our standards. And we’d have to create and maintain those.”

With this “Why bother with Win8-specific Apps?” they’re just avoiding MS’s AppsStore listing, I presume. Probably avoiding some payment into MS, too.

I wonder how close Google is to delivering its own OS to the marketplace?

They already have some devices called “chromebooks” fitted with their Chrome OS.
I doubt if anyone does take it serious, most discussions about those “chromebooks” were about the price and the possibility to set up other OSes on it.

Oh yes, why didn’t I think “ChromeBook OS”? Well, maybe it’s still a bit proprietary, in my mind.

But would I buy a computer and load a full-blown Chrome OS on it? As opposed to Linux, Windows or Mac OS?

Let’s toss out Mac OS because it’s not getting offered to non-Mac hardware.

But would I - or you, or the marketplace - accept a third OS - Linus (umpteen flavors) vs Windows vs Chrome?

I suspect the marketplace would consider “one more OS? why?” I mean, even in my original state of dull-dom, I hadn’t considered “Chrome OS”. I wonder how many would do the same IF Chrome OS was a serious full-blown product?

Making a choice between two products (Linux and Win) is all about Apps, for me. Not about the OS or its software. Would a third OS muck up the waters, or get them flowing faster for better developments?

I think “muck up”.