No gap between cd tracks

i have a pink floyd cd that i ripped and its like one continuous song. It has track divisions but when i play the original you see the track number on the cd player’s display but it never has a gap between the tracks. It is ripped in mp3 format. How would i go about burning it. note: on the fly copy won’t work b/c i don’t have my original anymore. I have nero.

Do a search on ‘cue AND edit’
You will find many links on how to create your won cue sheet without gaps between songs. You can then burn it with for example CDRwin or Fireburner.

Like Da_Taxman already said write a cue file for it(the manual is in the org. cdrwin under advanced topics).
Or simply rerip it with eac incl cue file then burn it with your favorite burning prg that supports .cue

or load the file with cooledit (or nero5.5 audio editor) and find the places where you want the tracks to split
put cue points there and save the tracks separate and burn with nero with a zero seconds gap