No Floppy Question



If I have 2 DVD read-writers set at Cable Select and no floppy drive, how do I know which of the DVD drives is the bootable drive?


Most Bios’s are set to boot from HD, then CD, then Floppy. I believe that it looks at the lowest drive letter first. You need to check your system bios to see what it is set at. You can change the bios to look at cd first, then hd, then floppy, or any order that you want it to prioritize.


Make sure BIOS is set to boot off order with CD-ROM being first.
With multiple optical drives, the drive jumped as Master, or found as Master under Cable Select mode will be the boot drive.


The default for most BIOS is

2.Hard Drive
3.Optical Drive

If you need to install windows, then set the Optical Drive as the 1st boot device, followed by the hard drive.


that’s the default for both my motherboard bioses…


Some bioses will allow you to boot from any optical drive (reguardless of channel or master/slave setting). With my ecs (invida nforce 2 chipset), if you set it to boot from cd first, it will go through and check all the cd drives till it finds the first bootable disk (I just checked and it does). The two burners are on the secondary channel, one slave and one master. It will boot from either (just make sure thier is no disk in the other drive). I’m pretty sure my abit board does the same (it also has an invida nforce 2 so maybe thats why).


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