No floppy drive



Hi, I wanted to flash my toshiba SD-R2512 combo drive to make it region free. BUT I do not have a floppy drive attached to my laptop. I tried using a flash bootable thumbdrive, it do not seems to work. I had searched the forum and some of them mention burning the firmware into a bootable ISO CD-R. How safe is this method?

And what do I include in the bootable cd?


Use a bootable CD ( and a RAMDISK.


The UBCD - - has some options for RAMDISK loading of floppy images - you do NOT want a CD loaded when flashing the drive it’s located in!

Can you still boot to “safe mode command prompt only” in Windows XP?

There is a “safe mode with command prompt” from the “f8” startup menu, but no idea if that is deep enough for DOS mode drive flashing.


SAFE MODE will most likely not help, REAL DOS is required with most Toshiba flashers.

PS: In case the flasher is searching for drive A: - you can use the DOS command SUBST to fake one. :wink:


hmm… can you use an external HD connected to the fireware port (its a pc card… well its an expresscard with fireware inputs) to load a bootable program on to flash a drive?

OR can i burn a CD and use an external cd drive connected to USB? id like to flash my nec 6750a drive…

apologies for hijacking this thread…


Many Compact Flash USB memorys can boot your compu into pure Doze.
My Corsair Flash Voyager does that… :wink: