No firmware? no progressive scan?

I want to buy dvdrecorder TVE 5dvr 400 (mediamarkt) dvd + R + RW. There’s no firmware update possibility, is that important or does it work in future without firmware update? ). There’s no progressive scan. Does progresive scan make much difference or not so much. It’s a cheap recorder that’s why i’m interested. I’ve seen that it works fine on memorex dvd +rw. Buy the way , how many times is dvd +rw rewritable generally speaking?

Thank you kindly for your answer!

Firmware updates generally fix bugs. No bugs, no firmware updates, or possibly just lots of bugs combined with piss-poor support by the manufacturer.

Interlaced Vs progressive scan … here
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DVDRW media … depends on the manufacturer. There have been complaints of less than 6 burns resulting in poor readability & there have been people reporting 100+ burns & still going strong.