No Files Created After DVD Decrypter Copy Completed?

Last night using my trusty old DVD Decrypter I ripped two DVDs from my Samsung (my main DVD drive) to my “G” hard drive. I checked and there was about 20GB left so I knew there was enough room. For both DVDs I saw that it was being copied/decrypted and when it was done it said, “Operation Successfully Completed.” Later when I was organizing my DVD folders I could not find either the ISO image file or ther MDS file for these two DVDs. The folders were empty! I did a search and came up with nothing.

A little while ago I tried it again for a third time and the exact same thing happened. One thing I didn’t mention was that in all three instances a message popped up saying, “Possible RCE Protection Found! Please select the region shown…” Could this have something to so with it? I mean, this is so weird. I hit the decryption arrow button, I watch it copy and it says “Operation Successfully Completed” but when I check there is nothing in the folder!

I finally switched to my LG DVD drive and it copied as it normally would. It said “Operation Successfully Completed” and the files were in the folder as they should be. So what’s up with my main Samsung drive? Does this has anything to do with the region code? Is there a limit on the number of rips a particular drive can do? I’ve used this program many times and I’ve never had a problem. Any idea what could have happened?