No explict firmware support for media code = worse burns?

This is an issue that I haven’t quite grasped as I’ve been looking for media for my old Pioneer 106D. Its not a major problem as I’m sure I’ll be upgrading in a few months, but its just something I’d like to understand better. What I’m wondering is if firmware needs to contain actual data on a certain media code in terms of writing strategy in order to produce a good burn, or whether having this data improves the quality of a burn.

My sense is that this must be the case, otherwise you wouldn’t see older 4x drives producing higher error rates with quality 8x media than with average-quality 4x media. I’m still curious, to what extent is this a problem? Should I be choosing media like CMCMAG.AF1 over TYG02?

It depends on what drive you have and what firmware it has. :slight_smile:

OK…but that doesn’t really answer the bigger question. For reference, my particular drive/firmware is Pioneer DVR-106D v1.08.

I’ve burnt Sony 8X and Maxell 8X MIJ media on my Pioneer 106D without any problems in video playback. I did an error scan on them compared to RitekG04 burnt in the same drive and they were comparable.

I bought a Pioneer DVR-108 for the bitsetting ability with the Piodata firmware and now burn the 8x and faster media in that. I use the 106D to burn 2.4x DVDRW or 4x and slower DVD+/-R. I have a bunch of RitekG04’s around that I use for Xbox backups as the need arises and the Pioneer 106D seems to have an excellent write strategy for them.

Pioneer also indicates on their website that the 106D will not need firmware updates to burn the faster rated media at 4x or slower speeds. I think the write strategies are more important at a media’s rated speed or even attempting to burn faster than that (overspeed).

That’s good to hear. Do you have any scans you could post? I’ve been avoiding all media over 4x so far, but I’d be a lot happier knowing I could just buy any quality media without having to scrape around for the old stuff. I think I’d avoid MCC02RG20, based on this scan, though the PO isn’t that bad really.

I think the write strategies are more important at a media’s rated speed or even attempting to burn faster than that (overspeed).
Hmmm…that may well be.

I don’t have any scans readily available to post. You can perform some relative tests between media on your 106D using DVDInfoPro. Like you I was concerned with write quality and not wanting to toss a good drive due to media availability. The major reason I purchased the DVR-108 was to bitset DVD+R media. The faster write speeds are a bonus while maintaining the standard of write quality.