No errors visible when reading in Plex

I was reading a SD 2.51.021 game from my Plextor using Alcohol 120% and did not see any read error in the dialog box. If I read the same game from my Toshiba I get all these errors listed, which I guess is normal for a SafeDisk protection. Why is this?

Very interesting. I’m not able to test this at work and nor do I have a Plex (unless I’m a good boy for :wink: ). Can it have anything to do with the profile chosen? I can look at this later…

On the other hand, Plextors are very good at ‘errors’… thinking, but that’s something I know little about

Well I just picked the SafeDisk 2 profile and instead of maximum read I chose 8x. Slower is always better. :bigsmile:

Anyone else have this happen to them?

And yes the game works.