No "erasure" protection for LITEON LVW-5006?




I’ve been using the LITEON LVW-5006.

I finally made the switch from VHS tape to DVD two years ago and what a
difference it makes to be able to access programs immediately without the
need to fast forward or rewind. :slight_smile: Plus there’s no tape to ware out. But
once in a while it has problems recording. And the problems that occur are a
major headache. Here’s just one example:

I had a FUJI FILM DVD+RW disc that had been half filled up with TV programs
recorded with the same LITE-ON LVW-5006 DVD Recorder. Yesterday I tried
adding another program to the disc, something I’ve done several times to
other discs with no problem. For this disc it would be the 8th time. There was
plenty of room left to insert a 30 minute program at EP quality. After
recording was finished I pushed stop and waited. The word “Stopping”
appeared for a long time and didn’t go away like it’s suppose to. After ten
minutes, I held the stop button on the player to finally stop it. When I tried
playing back what I had just recorded I couldn’t get to the page with the
newest recording. I could only see and play the oldest recordings but not the
newest. So I played the most recent-oldest and fast-forward through it to
get to the end where the new one should have started. It played it one
second and just froze.

I ejected the disc and noticed it was still clean (no dust or scratches) and
then put it back in. After inserting it, the machine informed me that it
was “preparing” the disc. I tried to stop it but it wouldn’t let me and the next
thing I knew, the disc became unplayable! It seems everything I had taped
for the past several weeks is gone forever! Now it won’t play or record on
the disc saying that it is a “Data Disc” whatever that means and can’t play it
or record on it. It ask me to change the disc for another one. Other discs
play and record fine. But now I’m afraid to insert any already-recorded
DVD+RWs for fear that the same thing will occur.

How is it that a disc with several programs that always played perfectly well
on this and other machines, is suddenly erased or made to not play or record
any more? Why aren’t there more protections put into these machines?

When I made the switch from Beta Max to VHS and now to DVD I thought
the least of my worries would be to accidentally erase a disc, let alone
PREPARE an already prepared/recorded disc! :a
Impossible! I thought. Surely DVD machines would have to be TOLD to
prepare or reformat (what ever you call it) a disc before it does it, right?

All these problems just makes me want to return to using Super-VHS VCR
machines (with excellent picture in my opinion) using Super-VHS tape
cartridges that actually have “recording tabs” you remove prevent errasing.


I had problems much like yours with my LVW 5005 using DVD+RWs. After many tries including full erase and retry I ended up tossing a bunch of Fuji Film, Philips, Memorex, Maxell and Sony discs. Verbatum DVD+RWs have worked fine and also replacement DVD+RWs that Memorex sent me (so far).

You might want to copy your DVD+RWs to DVD+Rs for protection. Quality DVD+Rs are cheap now (in bulk) so I hardly use DVD+RWs anymore.

I also have a S-VHS VCR hardly used anymore.


You might want to copy your DVD+RWs to DVD+Rs for protection.

Thanks for your responce.
Do you mean these problems only occur with DVD+RWs and not with DVD+Rs?


No sure things, I have fewer problems with DVD+Rs, TY or Verbatum, than other media I have tried.