No end of disc recording on 2410a

I have a Plex-w2410a which can’t seem to complete a disc when writing an audio compilation,it gets up to about 82%,and stalls. My motherboard was recently changed from a SOYO KT-400a Dragon Ultra Platinum to an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe, have over 512 Ram,an AMD Athlon 2200,DMA is enabled. Can anyone offer suggestions,thanks to all who reply

Was it working before the motherboard change? Test the drive with Nero tools. use the test menu and “Create a CD Disc”. Should finish at 24x and complete the burrn. If it doesn’t, check for any driver updates or try on another system.

Yes ,it was working before the change…thanks for the tip,I will try and reply…

It’s probably related to your motherboard. Here are the search results for “A7N8X”. Maybe there is something interesting in there?

GF,I became aware of what you speak of last night. So in a quest to remedy the problem,I downloaded Remix 3.31a,a firmware upgrade for users with ASUS a7n8x-e motherboards,and Plextor drives. Installed it,and it didn’t work,that 82% that I saw prior to the firmware was still happening after it was installed. I updated Nero,and went to the Plextor website,and got the latest drivers,but still,no cigar. Next suggestion???

I tried it with my Sony drive (DRU500a) on the same channel,and the CD burning stops at that same 82%,stalls,and requires that
I stop Nero thru Task Manager, it says it’s running (task manager)
but we all know better than that!! Strangely,DVD burning goes to the end,but is extremely slow…Next suggestion…PS,it also locks my drives,so much til I nhave to reboot in order for them to eject…i need a new and different motherboard.

Yes it would seem that your problem is not related to the Plextor drive but some other hardware or software conflict. Please check your IDE cables and make sure they are undamaged. Make sure that your devices are configured properly (master and slave settings). Then take a look at your installed software and drivers. It’s hard to say what the problem is since it can be a lot of things. Please report back with your findings!

Latest update,DVD burning is normal (with $1 Sony 4x dvd+r discs),so thankfully that’s not affected. But when attempting to complie a new audio cd,and checking the songs thru the left side interface of Nero,I now get an ‘internal error’ message,which when cleared,deactivates the whole Nero interface. 'More updates to come.

Latest update: I removed all of the nVidia drivers except the one for the MB’s on board LAN,and installed the modified drivers (Remix 3.31a),but still cannot get to 100% recording of any audio
cd. GameFreak,what else can I do?? I have business pending,and need this capability. Please Help!!!

I also installed the latest Nero update,and Plextor firmware just
in case…only the CDRW Gods can help me now…:stuck_out_tongue:

Latest update,when I recorded a pair of audio cds,the first one finished,and asked for the second,and just when I thought the second would complete.the ‘lead-out’ took so long,I had to stop it manually. Thankfully, all tracks were recorded. The gods are smiling on me…with a couple of teeth missing…:bigsmile: