No DVD-Rom after burning my DL from memorex



hey all, I´m new to this board and wanna say, this forum is very good, helped me much solving problems.

But now I got one, hope u can help me too.

First of all the problem that I have.
After I burned my DVD DL with 3500a, I got no Bitsetting on my DVD to Rom, only DVD+R DL, DVD-Rom is the default setting.
I use the new FW from Liggy the liggy 218. flashed with binflash.
( no errors after flashing and reboot )

I tryed to burn my DL with RecordNow Deluxe 7.1 and one with C**DVD.
Burning was ok, no error´s but DVDInfo say´s DVD+R DL instead of DVD-Rom, and my stand alone Player say´s “no disk” I think because of the booktype.

Here are some more additional infos:
ASPI: 4.60
Burner is on master IDE and got DMA 2.

in the past I burned some DL from verbatim and Record Now Del. with other FW. All DL had DVD-ROM booktype and no problems, playing in 3 stand alone player. Now I tryed the memorex DVD and the new FW, but I don´t know, if it could be the media or the fw.
Hope u can help me.
Here is a picture too, showing the mediacode and booktype.

thank´s in advanced


Try the 218btrpc1 FW. Make sure you set the DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD DL to DVD-ROM. Try with a DVD+R disc, first. Do you see DVD-ROM? Now repeat with your DL DVD media. If problem persists, then go back to the good DL DVD media.



You need to do the bitsetting in the binflasher program with 218btrpc1 firmware (It’s good stuff)-



thanks for answer, but I checked in binflash DVD-ROM ist default setting, but I got a question, as I know, there are more FW 218btrpc1 not only from Liggy so I´m bit confused wich one I should try.

Could u give me a link or the 218btrpc1?? would be very nice, wanna test some +R and try to looking for some cheap Verbatim for testing, but don´t wanna burn for recycle bin the good DL ;), the store were I brought it in past got only this Memorex now :Z


The original 218btrpc1 can be found here. Several other firmwares are based on my patch.


nice to know, thank u Liggy!!!
Do u have a any suggestions about my problem? bec. wanna use u´re fw and no orig. from nec it self :iagree:


All the code in this firmware was probably written by NEC. I just took two different firmwares and made a new one out of both. (Plus RPC1 and Riplock patch with a patcher from TDB)


so I checked one DVD+R. DVDInfo show me DVD-Rom as booktype.
brought some Verbatim DL, try to test again with RecordNow Deluxe 7.1, because this prog set the layerbreake very good, but I can´t choose the booktype.

let´z see after burning.


Use the same burn software. It should also provide DVD-ROM with DVD-9 Verbatim.


yeah used my verbatim DL but now with the new FW-release from Liggy and Dee. It´s V9. Works fine with RN.7.1 Booktype DVD-ROM and playable on my stand alone :iagree:

So I think the problem is is the Memorex DL.
have to go to my dealer and talk to them bec. they don´t sell verbatim anymore only the memorex one :a

and btw. good work Liggy and Dee for this new release! :iagree: