No DVD or Cd recognition with DVDRW SOHW 1673s

Hey there,

I can’t seem to get any sort of response from my DVDRW SOhw-1673s in regards to cds or dvds. Windows recognises it and the driver is there and i can eject it from within disk manager, but it just wont do anything with any media types.

I have updated the latest Firmware JSOD. Still no luck.

I use Win XPpro.

I have the pins set to cable select and in BIOS i have set my DVDRW to master and my LITE-ON SOHC-5232k set to slave. This reads both DVD and Cds without problem.

When i insert the cd into my DVDRW the light goes on solid as the tray goes in but then just goes off.

I have searched the library here for info on how to fix this but have been unsuccessful.

Any help would be muchly appreciated.



it could be defective… do you have warranty?