No Dvd Found

Hi! I use AnyDVD to detect if a DVD are a PAL or NTSC DISC, then it starts Zoom Player Pro 4.03 with the parameters /F /DVD /PLAY. But Zoom Plays says ‘NO DVD FOUND’. If I then click on play, the DVD disc plays fine, it also plays fine if I execute Zoom Player with the same parameters from a batchfile.

Why says Zoom Player ‘NO DVD FOUND’ when I execute it through AnyDVD?

What is the DVD?

It’s the same with all the DVD’s i try.


You need to wait 4 or 5 seconds in your batch file before launching ZP. This is the time it takes for it to figure out there’s a DVD to read. Had the very same problem and it fixed it for me.

I use the following command to implement the wait thing in a batch file:
@PING -n 1 -w 4000 >NUL

Hope this helps.


your response might be helpful, but the thread is nearly a year old so the chances of the appropriate parties receiving this response are pretty slim

I saw that, but just thought that it would make sense to answer anyway, from a knowledge base perspective. Does not that make sense?