No DVD Drive Detected

No DVD Drive Detected
Just downloaded v5.9.6.1 AnyDVD trail, and keep getting the eror message saying NO DVD DRIVE DETECTED, as per instructions uninstall, reboot, reinstall, and reboot. Did this many times and still getting the the same eror message. Any help would be great!!

A few questions-
Brand of DVD Drive?
Brand of Computer?

Please forgive my spelling, English is my first language. /.

I have a Asus Dvd Burner, running XP Home Sp2, system was custom built by myself. Burned 100’s of dvds with dvd xcopy. Can’t update xcopy, won’t copy new protection, that’s why I’m trying AnyDvd

I think you should contact SlySoft and tell them your problem.

did you reboot after installing?
have you tried enabling safe mode in anydvd?

are your optical drives present in my computer or the device manager?

if you’ve tried and checked all of the above, you may want to email suppoart(at)slysoft(dot)com with your issue

the status shows "Any DVD is disabled for Drive E:!
this swowsa for both drives

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