No DVD Drive Detected



Just downloaded v5.9.6.1 AnyDVD trail, and keep getting the eror message saying NO DVD DRIVE DETECTED, as per instructions uninstall, reboot, reinstall, and reboot. Did this many times and still getting the the same eror message. Any help would be great!!


here is the procedure I used to fix the NO DVD Drive error:

How I resolved the No DVD Drive Detected error:

1.  Unistall CloneDVD and AnyDVD using their uninstaller.
2.  Open the C:\%systemroot%\system32 folder and remove the following file.  Put them somewhere ele for the time being.
	* ElbyCDIO.dll
3.  Open the C:\%systemroot%\system32\drivers folder and remove the following file(s).  Put them somewhere else for the time     being.
	* AnyDVD.sys
	* ElbyCDIO.sys
	* ElbyDelay.sys
	* RegKill.sys
4.  Open your Favrite Registry Editor and delete following registry keys and all of it contents:
	*HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Elaborate Bytes
5.  Now install the AnyDVD first.  Register the program if you need to or just continure with your trial.
6.  Run AnyDVD right now even though it says to reboot.  This will tell you if you DVD Drives are being detected or not.  
7.  Now install CloneDVD Second.  Register the program if you need to or just continue with your trial.
8.  This step is just what I do and by no means is this a "have to do".  I stop AnyDVD from starting with windows.  This is     just my peference.
9.  Reboot!

What I think cause this issue:

When you unistall the software it does not remove the files from the Windows Directory.  When you reinstall later it sees the files and skips them.  I think because the files are already in the directories the install software does not register the DLL's and does not initalize the the Anydvd Diver.  By removing the files after the unistall the Installer sees the files do not exsist and reinstalls them and registers the DLL's and initalizes the Anydvd Driver liek it should.

Fix by KingVandal*


@ kingvandal,

Suggest viewing my comments concerning Double Posting and Windows Registry editing in your other CD Freaks AnyDVD Forum posting also titled “No DVD Drive Detected”.

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