No DVD/CD in drive

I got problem when i try to burn with a program it cant read my blank DVD-R disc but it can read real DVD. when i try to burn with Imgburn,Dvdfab,Dvd shrink with DVD drecypter,DVDClone 2…i put the blank DVD with my program and then when it finished saving my movie then it ask to put a DVD-R,+R then i put it but after a while it eject my disk and say it doesnt have a burnable disk what can i do so it work and can read my blank DVD

Its weird cause i use to burn DVD’s with my drive but also what weird is it CAN read Real DVD’s and burned DVD’s

Help please:bow::sad::sad::sad:[/B]

What brand of media are ytou trying to use ?

[B]My computer is a intel dell optiplex 170l windows xp pentium 4 ,SP3. i think its mostly like you but am not 100% sure. If you need more information please reply. also thx for helping me i really needed help thx a lot[/B]

hope it helps you :slight_smile:

What brand of blank media are you using?

oh my DVD are:

Printable DVD-R