No Dual Layer support for PX712

Hello all,

It already has been posted here on the forum but I have mailed Plextor (Europe) myself. It’s sad to hear that there are not making a firmware upgrade for the PX712 for supporting dual layer.
I am a great fan of Plextor but I don’t like how they are doing their market strategy. Pioneer just released it’s 2 gen DL-drive, while Plextor hasn’t one DL-drive on the market today :sad: I also asked when they will bring out a drive that supports DL but he didn’t answer this question. It’s like they are avoiding those questions. Anyway I was planning on buying a new DVD-RW but I really would have a Plextor. I am ceriously waiting for Plextor to bring out a DL-drive.
I want to buy the PX712 but DL seems to be usefull in the future.
So all I can do is to wait. I’m hoping many problems will be fixed with the firmware upgrade end this month. Hope plextor keeps his word on that.

They can say what they want, but not one drive can beat Plextor!!! :bow: :bow: :bow:

are not making a firmware upgrade for the PX712 for supporting dual layer

Why should they? This burner obviously is not able to burn single layer properly!

Plextor said they are working on the new firmware upgrade.
The shops here in Belgium say there are no problems at all WHEN you use quality media like Plextors own DVD’s. I don’t like buying expensive media from plextor cause the drive itself is expensive enough. The only writer that comes near the quality of Plextor is the NEC 2510. He can write at cheap media. Well it’s annoying that the PX712 has so many problems. I hope it will be fixed soon!!!

Keep your thumbs up :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Not all Plextor PX-712A drives have problems, most of them work just fine. Mine has always produced near perfect results with evrything I’ve thrown at it. I’m not surprised that Plextor will not offer a DL firmware upgrade for the PX-712A. This is and never has been their policy. If you want a DL drive you’ll have to wait until they release one or buy a different non-Plextor drive.

When you bought it, you knew it didn’t have DVD+R DL, so why are you dissapointed? You knew it wouldn’t get it.

@aviationwiz: yes we understood that. My understanding, by DL support means reading DL, not burning DL. I saw a post that someone tested and 712A cannot read DL media that was burn with DL drive, meanwhile in FW 1.03 they said “Added support for reading of DVD+R dual layer media.”

here’s the post…

That thread mentions that the drive has problems with reading DL media, I agree but it doesn’t say anything about the recording quality of the disc. Can other drives read the DL disc that was used? Unfortunately I have no DL disc here to try on my PX-712A. Anyway, I think that AMDtje means DL write support instead of read support…

Plextor will have a Dual Layer DVD writer before the end of 2005.
(Plextor answered this question, just no exact date was given…)

… the end of 2005? :rolleyes: Did they told you that or are you joking? Or you mean 2004?


Why you want DL support? :wink: The discs cost 10-15 EUR each, which is crazy…And until the prices go down to a reasonable price, the technology will change again and you will need a new drive… ( I dont know Blu-Ray or whatever) :bigsmile:

Plextor has to announce their DL drive soon or miss the party entirely…better be sooner than later

Agree totos !

Actually I was in the same situation as AMDtje untill recently ; I wanted a fast Plextor DVDburner external (to look nice beside my Premium-USB … :bigsmile: ) AND the ability to write DL/Dual-Layer .
What changed my mind were reality :

[U]The DL-discs will , of course , get cheaper , but when ???
My guess is when 27 GB BluRay hits the market and we have forgotten how to write (small) DVD’s on 4,3 or 8,6 GB , just like we nearly have forgotten the tiny 0,6 or 0,7 GB CD’s by now …

Actually any film can fit on a single DVD of commercial quality (5073 kbit/s) if they’re below 2 hours . (And those longer must take 2 discs or a bit lower quality *)
And if You want to back up Your PRECIOUS “Lot of thins” You can skip extra material and unnescessary subtitles/commentaries etc.[/U]

No , I don’t even care more if we have or get DL-support for reading or writing ; I love my Plexies and I think Plextor will surprise us all by skipping DL and presenting a BR-burner … :eek: :eek: :eek:

*) = Lately TV showed Apocalypse Now Redux which is 3 hours and 15 minutes and a film like that could be recorded with HIGH-DVD-QUALITY 9716 kbit/s to 3 discs , better than any extra materials !
Well , maybe a bit lower like 9200 kbit/s, but still …!