No DRM, no Linux?



I just posted the article No DRM, no Linux?.

During LinuxWorld Boston, last tuesday, a RealNetworks executive - Jeff Ayars, said that either Linux implements DRM capabilities, or it will excluded from the consumer…

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The shit they’re putting into Vista scared me well off! I won’t be upgrading to that until I absolutely have and I can’t see that happening in the next five years! Now if Linux supported all the top games then I would move to that in a heartbeat!


Yep.:S Same for Blue Ray recorders DRM S*** inside and Vista… I`m very happy with XP and DVD Recorders…:x:B


Someone has been swinging the “dumbarse” stick around realnetworks and ayars was the first target, Technology is cyclic and if they do bury linux…well…there is a new revolutionary OS around the corner (no ones thought of it yet is all) :slight_smile: …:X


You mean if the game developers supported Linux. ID Software and Epic Games does.


Damn DRM. The only reason not to use Linux is the Lack of games.


This RealNetworks guy (like the rest of his company) is a certified card-carrying moron. What does he think will happen in a community that is primarily reverse engineered? What does he think savvy users will run when they get sick of DRM in Windows? PUTZ!!!


There is no way that I am going to upgrade to Vista, I like to have control over some features of my PC. With the system thats comming we will have to rent everything, no ownership with any media and this system will make it happen. Price fixing eat your heart out, this is even better. nastydred I would be using it now if there were not a lack of games. M$ knows this and are now trying to make it as hard as possible to switch to non-windows products.


Wow, the world is sure going ass backward. When did it become the consumer’s job to buy what the manufacturer wants to provide? I thought it was the manufacturer’s job to sell the consumer what the consumer wants to buy? Isn’t that what makes supply and demand? The consumers demand, the manufacturers supply? Huh, I guess if you put enough lawmakers in your pocket you can switch things up a bit. They demand that we buy whatever they supply? That’s the new model? I guess we the consumer will just have to get used to our new responsability of insuring corporate profits by buying whatever is provided to us, even if we don’t want it. Otherwise I guess we’re just bad citizens who are anti-economic expansion. :wink:


> [I]According to him, without DRM, people won’t be able to reproduce digital[/I] > [I]content, therefore will have to opt for another operating system.[/I] According to the rest of us, DRM makes people unable to use or manipulate their digital content, therefore people will opt for [I]another way of getting the content.[/I] Funny how there’s two ways of looking at the issue, sir.
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I’m definately glad to see that even an OS has joined the fight for our constitutional Amendments! Free speach now, free speach forever!:X


I’ts Clear. WE DON"T WANT DRM.


Just say NO to DRM, Vista, BD/HD, and all things the Hollywood money grubbers have their hands in developing. If you gotta use Windows, stick with XP and help force MS to fix it rather than buy into Vista. All this S**t will die on the vine and eventualy fertilize better stuff if we refuse to feed our cash to the behmoths.


:frowning: forget it no drm on linux. drm is exactly the reason half my games from windows dont work on wine, . people dont want drm! drm will be the end of everything if it is allowed to remain.