No Drivers for Samsung TS-H552U


well, I bought a used PC. Unfortunately the only cd-drive it had, was the samsung ts-552U, and it didn´t came with the original software. So win2000, as well as win98, didn´t recognize this drive as a DVD-Drive (which is understandable, because of the age of both windows). So I thought, let´s go to the Internet and download a appropriate driver. But to my surprise, there wasn´t any. Samsung only offers firmwear-upgrades - drivers doesn´t come along when I´m running the upgrade. Therefore I can only use the Drive as a simple CD-Rom-drive, which is very annoying. I do have burning-software and everything, but - it seems - as long as I don´t have the original samsung software-cd I don´t will get into the favour of dvd-features of this device.
Sadly Samsung itself doesn´t provide any help at all. I wrote several times, and asked for drivers, but there wasn´t any reply at all.
Any idea, how I can solve this problem?
Suggestions are very welcome!

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Boy, sounds like Samsung really has it in for you!

Optical drives don’t require drivers, and it should be recognized just fine in Windows 2000 and Windows 98. I have no idea why it wouldn’t work as it should for you. What are the specs of the PC you are trying to use it in?

Like tehGrue was saying, even though win 98 and 2000 will report dvd drives as “cd-rom” units in Explorer, the unit should still work properly as a dvd-rom drive without the need for installing drivers.

Burning software (at least recent one) should also be able to write DVDs with your unit without additional drivers (you need ASPI layer in win98/me of course).

I have a TS-H552B and I never even inserted the software CD that came with my unit into the unit itself. The CD has the Pinnacle burning suit in it, in case you’re interested. I’ve been using this drive with freeware burning apps in Windows (Deepburner Free, Burnatonce) and with K3B (cdrecord, growisofs) on Linux and I have no problem whatsoever. I don’t see why it should be different with TS-H552U, since there are also people who cross-flashed a B to U.

What DVD feature do you need exactly?

Of course there’s also the chance that your unit is defective, but I wouldn’t go as far as assuming that with the little information you’ve provided. If you’ve tested good burning software and it only burns CDs then maybe… but you should be so kind as to tell us what happens when you try to write to a DVD.

First of all, thank you guys for this useful informations. You are right, no drivers needed, windows is absolutely able recognize the TS-H552U. It took me years to accept, that everything in a computer needs at least one driver, and now this! And okay, Samsung doesn´t belong to the axis of evil, at least not his ODD-department.

But after all, the driver still only works as a simple cd-rom drive. Either it cannot play dvd´s, nor it can burn them. OK, this is not nice, but what even sucks more is, that it is not able to burn data- or audio-cd´s. The software - pinnacle/ steinberg - keeps on reporting me: No recorder found.

The PC is a Athlon 2000+ System and I payed for it about $ 300, what is pretty cheap, for it came with 2 HDD´s, 768 Ram, good graphics and - of course - the Samsung DVD-Recorder. I bought it primiarly to have better performance for Hard-Disk-Recording and other musical purposes. But it doesn´t work really properly, there are some problems f.i. MIDI-delays whilst recording etc. OK, I get used to it.

Maybe sometimes it is more expensive to buy cheap things.

Best regards!

I’m also having diffuculty with my TS-H552U for the past weeks. It keeps on having write errors and a lot of my DVD-R have been wasted. I’m thinking of a driver problem so I started to search for a driver online but didn’t find one. As what you’ve said that Windows should be able to have no problems with regards to optical drives, i’m now confused of what might be the problem. I’m running a Windows XP and almost all the DVD’s i’ve burned didn’t burn successfully. Do you have any experience with this problem? Hope anyone could help me. thanks.

id you ever find a driver for TS H552U


If the media you are using is DVD-R and not DVD+R media, I would recommend against using it with this drive, especially at 8x burn speeds. Even with the latest US06 firmware is does a very bad job of burning DVD-R media. DVD+R media is much better supported.


The issue with your software is its support of the TS-H552U in particular, it’s not the drive’s fault. You probably need an update to your software to support a newer drive like this, if it supports it at all. As well, playing back DVD movies in Windows 2000 requires playback software as it is not included in the operating system.

Yes, that´s right. I needed something called a DVD-Decoder Software. I got it as freeware in the Internet. Now the Driver - combined with a fine Burning-Software - works perfectly fine. Thanks a lot.

OK guys I have a problem and maybe you can help me out.

I have an

ASUS P4s533 mobo
1.5 GB RAM

I recently purchased a Samsung TS H552U and it kills my system resources. when a disc is in the drive my system almost stops. I can burn a DVD or make backups, but it takes 80 - 120 minutes.

I noticed that in my Device Manager tab under “Other Devices” the
— Multimedia Controller ------ and ------ Multimedia Video Controller --------

are not functioning and have “!” on them.

I got this mobo from a friend and have no idea where to get the drivers for those controllers, windows trys but fails. Could this be my problem?


goto site
and look for the mobo drivers there
you already have the model no.“P4s533”
you probably need to check the DMA status too

I don’t wanna sound stupid but what is the DMA stuff and how do i check it?

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