No drive in PlexTools / Drive Reset Occurred

Here are the solutions to two problems I recently ran into.

Problem 1: The drive does not appear in PlexTools Pro/XL on a system with Daemon Tools Pro installed
Solution: Stop all virtual adapters from Daemon Tools’ control panel (Tools -> Virtual Device Manager …)

Problem 2: QCheck scans (C1/C2 Test etc.) abort almost immediately with
Error 062900 - Drive reset occurred
when the drive is connectedto the internal IDE port on a GigabyteSATA motherboardSolution: It seems that by default a RAID driver is installed for that port even if you don’t use RAID. Changing the driver in Device Manager to Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller solves the issue immediately (no reboot necessary).

I also had semi-random freezes in EAC, especially with the [I]Detect Gaps /I function, that were most likely related to #2. Hope someone will find this info useful.

That is all covered in the FAQs here. :wink: