"No Drive Detected" with

I saw the problems people had earlier with the no drive detected error on v. 6.0.8.x. I have used this program for several years with no issues. Now this.
The earlier thread is: (http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=200187). Does anyone have a clue as to what this could be. I tried rebooting, reinstalling with rebooting, and uninstalling and deleting all references of Anydvd and Slysoft from the registry and then a reinstall with a reboot. I don’t have that funky RAID Controller that they spoke of. Does anyone have any ideas. The DVD drives work well without Anydvd being activated.

Opteron 170 Dual Core 2.0ghz
1.5 gb Kingston Hyper-X memory
7800gs video card
NEC 3550 DVD Burner
Epox 9nda3+ Mother Board
NEC DVD-Rom Drive

Are you saying that your getting that error message or you stating what another user is saying? What is your exact error message saying? Giving more info and specs would help to identify the problem. But reading your response is very vague on information and what the nature of the problem is??

Also make sure you got a registered key from slysoft and make sure you do a clean uninstall of the program and deleting the folder. That message seems to me to steam from keys being blacklisted by slysoft. If you got a key from them and is not working contact slysoft information them but you will have to send them your key and name for them to verify the correct key to be sent to you.

the “no drive detected message” isn’t due to a blacklisted key; a crack maybe…but we assume it isn’t the case so…
Your have faultly drivers/filters i guess.
try uninstall all ASPI layers and your ide channels (next imgburnversion will allow you to uninstall filters of your choice)

I wpuld try backing up your key and then deleting all the AnyDVD files. Then reinstall and use the key again.

I have had the exact same issue with the same revision intalled ok nothing appeared to have been amiss. I installed some Kodak easy share software and on reboot the AnyDVD message came up and DivX could not find a specific DLL.

I have fixed DivX but not AnyDVD.

I am not saying the Kodak issue is related but it may be, other mulit media upgrades over the last few days a Flash update and I think Apple software had an update. I think that was pre AnyDVD update anyways.

Hope this provides some clue