No drive detected - Sonic DigitalMedia LE v7

Did a dumb thing.

My Dell 4700 came with a half-backed version of Sonic DigitalMedia (Sonic DigitalMedia LE v7 (Build: 2.1.6a) so I installed a copy of Easy CD Creator 4 I used on my Win98 machine. Despite Easy CD Creator 4 install warning that software wasn’t compatible with my system, completed the install anyway and got a Startup error message: “A CD-Recording driver is installed that might cause stability problems, including problems shutting down and problems using a CD-DVD drive. The Driver will be disabled.”

To my point, I solved the problem by uninstalling Easy CD 4, adjusting registry settings concerning “Upperfilters” and “Lowerfilters” and used a product called ROXIZAP.

Now, my Sonic DigitalMedia program doesn’t detect my DVD/CD-RW drive (model: hldtst rw/dvd gcc4481b) despite uninstalling and reinstalling the Sonic product.

Interestingly, my OS (Win98 Home SP2) does recognize the drive AND the Sonic Drive Letter Access (DLA) module works fine.

Anybody with any idea how I can tweak some setting to get Sonic DigitalMedia to re-recognize my drive? I have a feeling a registry tweak is needed.

Thanks in advance.

Midnight Rambler

Did you make sure that the Upper and Lower filters were removed from this Reg Key?


Yup. Anyway, dug through sonic support site further, found updated “PX” engine (whatever that is) and after installing it, device detected.

Thanks anyway.

Definately don’t install Creator 4 on XP :slight_smile: But yes I came up with RoxiZap as an easy way to remove it when that happens… as a side effect it removes the low level device drivers we use to record to CD, but as you found out reinstalling that engine update will fix the problem.

I did the exact same thing, installed roxio software on my XP machine (dumb) to try and diagnose my dvd burn problems. Yes, now sonic is trashed (no drive detected), but I can’t find this ‘px engine’ anywhere. Was hoping that would fix the problem. Anyone have a link to this?

Hi - Unfortunately, installing pxengine1_08_34a.exe worked for me.

All I did was uninstall ALL components of Sonic Digital media plus 7.0, being careful to reboot each time, reinstalled all of the components and ran the engine update. Amazingly, everything now works, including DLA. Might be that your core components need updating for the engine fix to work.

I could send you the file but it appears you’ve already tried it without success.

Hi can you kindly send me the link for pxengine1_08_34a.exe.
I just can`t find it.

Unfortunately, don’t know the link for pxengine1_08_34a.exe but kept the file and others that solved my problem. Could send THIS to you but need to know where.

Hi can you send me the file.

Hi can you send me the file.

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The solution to the “no drive” syndrom created by Roxio and Sonic is on

Sonic/Roxio are just unfair with their nasty tricks

I have this program and files on my old computer with this service. I would like to transfer them to my new computer. could you tell me how to do so?